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**Saturday School Will Be Held On The Following Dates**

 May 6th and May 13th  


 **The Homework Center is now open!!! Students may come for extra help Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30-4:30**

**Please pick up a form from the guidance office to start attending. Bussing will be provide ** 



**New Scholarship Opportunities Just Posted!**


Click onto FILES above to see scholarship opportunities!!


Look under LINKS for Amazing Resources  ~ including scholarships!


"You are in the business of becoming educated and empowered" 


 Marion High School and the guidance department would like to welcome our new and returning students to the 2016-2017 school year. As always, we have high expectations for our students and we believe every individual has the ability to succeed.  




Director of Guidance: Monica Rogers - Juniors


Harry Smith - All Seniors and Sophomores with last names M-Z


Anthony Santo - All Freshman and Sophomores with last names A-L


Aseanda Moody - GEAR-UP Coach


Donnie Watts - Guidance Secretary








***Seniors, Remember to Bring All Scholarship Awards To The Guidance Office.

They will be read at Awards Day and Class Night.


First create a FSA ID (for your electronic signature)  at Both student and parent must have a FSA ID -See Details Under Files

   ***Senior Parents need the following to complete the FAFSA:***

-Social Security number of Parent and Student

-Alien Registration Number (if you are not a US Citizen)

-2015 Federal Income Tax returns, W-2s, Drivers' Licenses, Bank Statements,

-Disability Check Stubs, Business/investment /Mortgage informaltion 

**Visit SCCANGO for College and Scholarship Info**



SAT Testing 2016-2017

The registration fee is $57.00. Paper registration forms are available in the guidance office or students can apply online by using 


***Security Regulations require students to submit a photo as part of the SAT registration process***




October 1, 2016               September 1, 2016                  Mail: 9/13 Online:9/20

November 5,2016               October 7, 2016               Mail: 10/18 Online: 10/25 

December 3, 2016             November 3, 2016             Mail: 11/15 Online: 11/22


January 21, 2017              December 21, 2016                 Mail: 1/3  Online: 1/10


March 11, 2017                  February 10, 2017                Mail: 2/21  Online: 2/28

May 6, 2017                           April 7, 2017                     Mail: 4/18  Online: 4/25

June 3, 2017                           May 9, 2017                     Mail: 5/16  Online: 5/24



ACT Testing 2016-2017

The registration fee is $58.50. Paper registration forms are available in the guidance office or students can apply online by visiting


 ***Security Regulations require students to submit a photo as part of the ACT registration process***



September 10, 2016             August 7, 2016                           August 8-19, 2016


October 22, 2016               September 16, 2016                         Sept.17-30, 2016


December 10, 2016             November 4, 2016                            Nov.5- 18, 2016


February 11, 2017                January 13, 2017                             Jan.14-20, 2017


April 8, 2017                          March 3, 2017                               March 4-17, 2017


June 10, 2016                        May 5, 2017                                   May 6-19, 2017